Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Noisy neighbor and I don't mind...

Our little apartment building isn't always the quietest place. Especially as I type this. But I really can't complain. You see, the guy who's causing the "racket" is a really amazing pianist. He just started up with one of the "Well-tempered Clavier" Bach pieces and is now playing all sorts of other stuff. It's all quite pleasant.

When we moved in, and I met him, I commented on the piano and asked if he could play it a bit louder as we really enjoyed listening to the music.


The Big Finn said...

Plus, now you have an excuse to make more noise yourself!

Greg said...

TBF: You know it! I already warned him about my trumpet. I can play good enough though, that people don't seem to complain. Though, if I practiced, I could play a lot better. I'm not so sure the neighbors will be as amused when I make 'spaceship sounds' with my electric guitar though. I'll have to remember to save that for 6am some morning when some of the noisier neighbors in the next building have partied a bit late the night before. The power outlet on the balcony is a pretty handy feature.

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