Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's been awhile

Indeed, it's been quite a while.  About 3-1/2 years since the last post.

It's been a busy time.  And mostly I've been hanging out on FaceBook, or a bit on Google+.  My personal server had some disk problems a couple years back, and I decided it wasn't worth fixing.  It was costing quite a bit each year to do the server housing.  However, it was still WAY cheaper than going with a hosted server.  But all I needed was some web hosting.

Still, I needed to do a bit of data recovery.  I eventually got around to doing it even though I was busy doing other things for the most part.  But I got the data back, and then just ignored it.

Eventually, I thought that FB was getting a bit too much of my attention.  Of course, this is over at Google, technically... Anyways, I figured I would put a couple of my websites back so that they at least had a bit of the old content.

I might end up doing more of this.  I might not do too much more here on Blogger.  It's pretty easy to post things here though.  And I don't have to deal with maintaining any code, which is good.

The Sonos boxes are still providing me music, and they do a great job at it.  They still get music from a ReadyNAS, albeit a newer version that has Intel Atom processors instead of the open-source Sparc hardware.  The Atom processor is quite a bit faster though.

As for work stuff.  I probably won't discuss too much of that.  Other to say I've been doing a bit with PostgreSQL, an open-source relational database that's pretty good.
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