Thursday, November 15, 2007

BlogcampSwitzerland_2.0 Dannie Jost Video "The Swiss Myth"

I'm finally getting around to posting the videos from the Blogcamp. It's been a bit of a long time, but there have been a few roadblocks in the way, such as Google Video's upload client not working quite right. I'd embed this video in the page, but I've got it hosted elsewhere. So, you'll just have to view the video via traditional methods.

Dannie Jost gave the Blogcamp presentation that I saw in English. There might have been one other (not counting the Swiss Startup stuff) presentations in english, but I think they might have been at the same time as Dannie's. Dannie lead a group discussion on the topic of "The Swiss Myth", and what it meant to us. After a bit of a political discussion, the talk moved off into other, more interesting topics. It also wandered off into being discussed in German (so be aware, if you don't understand German).

Enjoy the large quicktime video(300MB), or download with a right click the smaller (100MB) mpeg4 version.

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