Saturday, March 24, 2007

Traveling to Blogcamp Switzerland

And so the day begins....

After a quick trip from the house to the train station, I got my ticket from the ticket machine said goodbye to Alice, who so kindly drove me to the train station, and got on the train.
I decided it would be cool to travel first class, and as an added bonus, first class has a 'business car' which has nice tables and power for laptops. So, I decided to start up the laptop and do a bit of typing on the computer. I took a couple pictures of the setup in the train. It's a pretty good setup, but then SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) is pretty good about most things. If we only had public transportation like this in the Seattle area. Then again, it's not the cheapest way to travel. A roundtrip, first-class ticket to Zurich from Basel is about $35. But, if you commute, you can get a first-class all-you-can-eat railpass for about $4,500. And with all the gadgets one can buy these days, you can relax and catch up on your tv shows or listen to music while watching the beautiful swiss countryside pass by outside the windows.
It's amazing, after a winter with almost no snow, I decided to declare that winter was over. The calendar officially turned to spring. And, nature decided that we needed a bit more snow here. So it's snowed quite a bit. When I left Basel there was no snow there, but traveling to Zurich, there has been snow on the ground nearly the entire way.

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