Saturday, March 24, 2007


I'm videotaping a few of the talks here, so not much blogging right now for me. I'll have the video up later.


Stephanie Booth said...

Thanks a lot for the videotaping! Looking forward to seeing the result.

Dannie Jost said...

Thanks for the videotaping and the good chats at lunchtime!

Look forward to the videos. Forgot to ask if you are going to upload to YouTube or how and where it will be.

Greg said...

I'll probably be posting the videos to Google Video. I've got to cook all day today, so I will probably start getting things uploaded starting on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Yo! To Greg and Alice. Dave here, Sara is at work, Nat is having a nap. Got sunny & 56 fahrenheit here. Check out the cam at

Greg said...

Hey Dave! Thanks for dropping by. We had snow on the ground here yesterday, but today was nice and warm. Is that the Tacoma dome in the picture?

Stephanie, Dannie: I'm uploading Bruno's video right now. I'll post as soon as it is completely uploaded.

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