Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Four Years!

I just passed the four year mark of living here in Switzerland. Now that I've got a job and my German is good enough...guess I'm here for good.


The Big Finn said...

TBF in early 2000:

Hey, I've lived in Chicago since 1963 and I'm fluent in English. We have the house of our dreams, and we'll probably never move.

A few months later...our house was sold and we were living in Switzerland.

Life often takes unexpected turns.

Z said...

Congrats! I'm coming up on my 4 years soon. Adding a job to that would be swell...

Greg said...

Well, it wasn't quite the house of my dreams, but it was nice, next to a park and a short drive to work. Now I'm in an apartment, but transportation is relatively cheap.

The job was a good turn of events. I figured once I had a job it'd be pretty much the same as being back in the states working. And it is, more or less. It's a different working environment. I certainly like seeing people during the day rather than being at home alone.

Z said...

Do you need to update your 'About me' section? Says you're still looking for work.

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