Saturday, March 8, 2008

A couple stories that haven't seem to hit the English speaking news yet.

There are a couple stories out there that haven't seem to have hit the English speaking news of yet here in Switzerland....

The Swiss Frank is quickly gaining on the US Dollar
This one is quite surprising that it hasn't yet hit the news. There was all sorts of stories when the Canadian Dollar was approaching the US dollar awhile back. Now, it's the Swiss Frank's turn. Currently a Dollar is worth approximately 1.02 Swiss Franks. At this rate the Frank might achieve parity with the dollar next week, or even pass it. I'm quite surprised to not have seen any info on this.

Non-Smoking Restaurants soon in Switzerland?
This hit the German language news, but I haven't seen anything in English on it. Apparently, last week the Standerrat (Swiss Senate) voted in favor of limiting smoking in Restaurants to specifically built fumoirs, with restaurants largely being smoke-free. A law like this is already in-force in the Canton of Ticino, where there are currently only about 25 fumoirs that have been built so far.


The Big Finn said...

When we moved to Basel in 2000, the CHF was worth U.S. 57¢. It flirted with 98¢ this past week. It's been great for our wire transfers of funds back to America. I hope the declining dollar goes on for at least a little while longer.

I have it all planned: stay in Basel for another year or so longer, keep buying cheap U.S. dollars, move back to the U.S. and buy a house after the prices have dropped another 10%.

We'll see what happens.

Greg said...

Wait a little longer and you'll be able to buy the house for the price of a car here. Of course American cars cost as much as houses in parts of the US do here already.

Anyways, it's Sunday, the shops are closed, so I'm off to go look at Nerd books at Amazon.

Expat Traveler said...

that sounds awesome, it can't happen soon enough!

TBF - sounds like a nice plan.. Why can't housing prices come down in Vancouver too... lol

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