Sunday, July 22, 2007

The tale of the BBQ and the little crescent wrench that couldn't

On Friday Alice and I headed over to Zugerland, a shopping center run by Migros, that is almost the same size as SihlCity. I think Zugerland pulls off the whole shopping center experience much better. That, and parking is only 50 cents an hour.

We were in search of a new BBQ. My old BBQ having been left in the US two and a half years ago. And with our new place having a balcony (two actually), we need a BBQ. So we went off and found a great little BBQ made by European Outdoor Chef, the Delta 480. It's a gas grill with a funnel system in it that you can adjust based on what you're cooking. A co-worker of Alice's recommended it to her. You can cook pizza in it if you've got the pizza pan (which we bought) or the pizza stone (which I just found out about). On Saturday I picked up a socket wrench set and a crescent wrench, which I figured would just about be able to handle any job I needed to do. Oh, and I got an electric wireless screwdriver for 30 chf, it was on sale.

So, today, Sunday, I got to work assembling the BBQ. It went together pretty well, and was looking great on the balcony. I even wheeled it around a couple of times, just to see how the wheels worked on it. Then it was time to light it up. I hooked up the fuel hose to the BBQ and tightened it up with my new crescent wrench, and then I hooked up the hose to the gas canister and....the wrench was too small! Argh! And, did I mention that today is Sunday? In Switzerland? Where all the shops are closed and no bigger wrenches can be bought until Monday? Doh! So, the bratwursts ended up getting cooked up in the pan tonight for dinner. Tomorrow, I'll get that bigger wrench, and get some outdoor chef action done.

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Z said...

Oh, I can just imagine your disappointment. But, I guess you're making up for it today. Happy BBQing.

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