Monday, July 16, 2007


So today I decided to go check out SihlCity, the big shopping center just on the south side of downtown Zurich. It's not too bad. It's not really all that big though compared to the malls I've been to in America.

Parking is a big problem. Yeah, I know, this is Europe, but 4 franks for the first hour and then an additional frank each for the next hours is just a little bit expensive. I did manage to park for exactly 59 minutes and only paid the four franks. On the other side, it's pretty easy to get to. Well, it is once I figured out the way to the parking lot. The big downside transportation-wise is that public transportation isn't too convienient, and that it's actually easier for us to take the train downtown and go shopping, or even go to the Airport.

There are a bunch of clothing shops. There's a huge MediaMarkt (the European equivalent to Best Buy) and a large COOP supermarket. Sadly though, the COOP supermarket doesn't have much more in the way of variety than our local shop, and the parking is much cheaper there, or it's about a 15 minute walk. There was also a big bookshop, but I'll bet that there is a better English book selection at the Orell Fuesseli shop downtown.


Global Librarian said...

We go the Silhcity for the Media Markt. The other big Media Markt is all the way over near Ikea, which is a pain to get to via public transit or driving!

Other than that, it's a pretty boring and uninspired mall.

Z said...

Oh, so you're closer to us now. I didn't visit this blog so often, just the other one, so I missed the move.

For us, the attractions of Sihlcity are that it's open until 20:00 on Saturday (our local Coop here closes at 17:00), that there's the Qualipet on the top level (we have two cats) and, actually, the bookshop has a decent collection of world current affairs (in English as well) and Swiss-related books, as far as we've compared with the larger shops in Zürich. Okay, English books in general, sure, the Orell Füssli in ZH should be better. The Media Markt selection is better at Dietikon, at least in the camera section as far as my personal survey goes.

I like the architecture of the place in general, and am amused by the weird random bits of "art" like the leaking suitcase.

Greg said...

GL: Yeah, the Media Markt there is pretty cool. I'd often go to the one in Pratteln which was very near us in Muttenz. It was great to just go and look at stuff, but at four bucks for the first hour of parking, I don't think I'll be doing much window shopping.

Z: I've been writing more often over here, though I really need to do a bit more writing at the cooking blog. I've got a few recipes to write. The move kept us pretty busy though.

I should check out the bookstore though, as if you mention, it has some decent books in English.

I can't wait for them to finish the tunnel around Zurich. Then Dietikon should be a quick 15 minute drive. And, as a bonus, I'll be able to visit the Doerig Fisch Mercato shop there more easily. The one in Pratteln always had great fish.

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