Saturday, May 26, 2007

Been doing a bit of traveling

We've been traveling around a lot lately. When things settle down a bit more in the next couple of days I'll write a few entries. Here's a picture of me in 'My Town' ;-)


Expat Traveler said...

hey greg - your town little like somewhere I don't know of. Which canton is Vernon in? Vaud?

Looks like your travels are so interesting and new!

Thanks for the wonderful suggestion of driving south on 101. We will be visiting Crater lake first. Do you have any hints on the best road to get there?


Greg said...

Hey ET, Nope, Vernon's in Normandy, France. I've got to upload a few more pictures of our trip there. I've also got to upload pictures of the trip to Paris as well.

I've never been to Crater Lake, though I've flown over it many times (usually on the airline with Jerry Garcia on the tail). Sadly, going on I-5 is probably the fastest way to get to Crater Lake (and then taking the turnoff east). I think if you go on 101 south tough, you can cut back over towards Eugene, then east to Crater Lake.

After Crater Lake, head back west to I-5 and then take the highway to Crescent City. Make sure to fuel up first and watch out for rocks on the road to Crescent City.

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