Thursday, April 26, 2007

Joost Invites

I've got three Joost invites. Joost only works on Windows and Macs, and then only on Intel/AMD systems with enough resources. I'll give preference to folks I know, or that I know that have already commented on my blog. Then it'll pretty much be first come, first served.

Update: Since I've now got unlimited Joost invites, I'll give them out to anyone now.


Ken K. said...

Greg, glad you having a great time over there. Looks like a lovely place. Don't cut your finger like Julia Childs while cooking ;-)

Greg said...

Hey Ken, Yep, it's usually pretty cool over here. We were in Budapest this past weekend. I'm working on uploading the pictures to my picasa web album pretty soon.

nitin said...

can you send me a joost invite please nitinawasthi [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Markw and I will be checking back for the pics. We have had a cold spring here too, so you are not missing much. I bought a euro pressure cooker - you doing much with pressure cookers for your meals?

Greg said...

Hey Ken,
Did you get a Kuhn-Rikon Duromatic? I think they're supposed to be the best, but they're not cheap. It' what we're using. I use it quite a bit to make polenta, or beans, or red kraut. I should write something soon about cooking with pressure-cookers on the cooking blog. Something like: These sure ain't your grandma's pressure cookers.... ;-)

Ken said...

I got a Magefesa built in spain. It makes an awsome curry chicken. just add chicken, onion, coconut milk and curry paste. MMM. Over rice it's a family favorite.

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